Barry W Andersen

FotoFounders was part of the 2016 FotoFocus Cincinnati Exhibition series that took place in 2016 in Greater Cincinnati.  The exhibition was organized and curated by Diane Kruer. From the announcement:

"An invitational exhibition recognizing five influential photographers and educators who have helped to develop the well respected and thriving photography departments within the Greater Cincinnati region's academic institutions.

Featured artists include: Jerry Stratton and Jane Stevens, University of Cincinnati, Barbarb Houghton and Barry Andersen, Northern Kentucky University, and Cal Kowal, Art Academy of Cincinnati.

These five artists-turned-educators initiated and built the university photography programs that have seeded, grown and nurtured this regions photo community.  With a combined 160 years of teaching experience, they have educated and mentored thousands of young photographers.

The roles these artists play in the founding and development of the photo community often goes undocumented. Their work and influence as artists is frequently overshadowed by their roles as teachers. This exhibition seeks to highlight the significance of the these individuals by recognizing their leadership, their dedication and appreciation of photography and to re-introduce them as practicing artists within the field of photography.

The goal of FotoFounders is to educate the public about the academic roots of photography in Greater Cincinnati; to introduce the community to these leaders and to the rich history behind the area's university programs; to honor the founders legacies as both teachers and artists; and to foster an environment of learning within the regions' photo community."

Left to right

Barry Andersen, Jerry Stratton, Diane Kruer

Barbara Houghton, Cal Kowal