Barry W Andersen

I began teaching at Northern Kentucky University in 1975 and retired in June of 2012.   In October of 2012,  I was the recipient of the Spirit of Light Award honoring a lifetime commitment to students and photography.  Teaching photography in the University setting is always a balance between the classroom work, caring for individual students, dealing with department issues and maintaining and improving my own photographic work.  In this balance, I have always leaned to the students and teaching, while recognizing that in order to be an effective teacher staying in touch with my personal photographic activities is important.


The photography program at NKU began in 1975 with 12 enlargers in the basement of a house on the edge of campus.  Over the course of many years, hundreds of hours of planning and budget meetings and major campus construction have resulted in excellent facilities for students. The photography facility is now located in the Fine Arts Center as part of the School of the Arts in the heart of a growing campus with over 15,000 students. It was a pleasure to work with so many students and watch their work grow. I feel fortunate and privileged to have enjoyed this teaching position for so many years.


The photo program is in now in good hands with committed photo-educators, each a strong photographer, fine teacher and wonderful colleague. Their hard work continues to help educate young photographers and move the photography program forward.